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Sterling Digital Studios

The music tracks above were written, recorded and produced at Sterling Digital studios.

Logic ScreenWe decided several years ago to begin music production again after many years away from the business. We chose to embrace the newest techniques of both music production and recording.

These tracks are from an upcoming release slated for 2010.

The 70's in Recording Studios

Sterling spent the 1970's as a recording engineer in studios in Seattle, Washington, working on hundreds of projects including BTO's "Taking Care of Business" and two albums for Tower of Power.

Kaye-Smith Recording StudiosThis is Kaye-Smith recording studio (now Bad Animals). It was the home of engineer/producer Sterling through much of the 70's.

Here, a producer is surrounded by tape machines and equipment that is the envy of an entire new generation of "analog loving" recording engineers.

Sound For a New Century

Today's audiences are extremely broad and diverse in the music that they embrace.

From rock to hip hop to dance, classical, country and blues, they are all sounds and rhythms that can touch the soul and move the mind.

Effectively using music and sound to communicate is a valuable skill that can improve a products reach, effectiveness and enjoyablity.

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Produced & Engineered by

Marc Sterling


Sterling Digital

Guitars & Vocals

Jimmy Walker

Keyboards & Drum Editing

Marc Sterling

Songs by